Barlean's | Fresh Catch Fish Oils | 250 Soft Gels

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Barlean's Fresh Catch, Fish Oils, 250 Softgels

Fresh Catch line of Fish Oils are a pristine source of ultra-purified fish oil providing optimal levels of EPA and DHA to bring you vibrant health and energy.

Barlean's Fresh Catch Fish Oil is for those who aspire to nutritionally support the optimal structure and function of.

Heart Health.

Joint Mobility & Bone Density.

Healthy Cholesterol Levels.

Healthy Blood Glucose.

Eye Health – Visual Acuity.

Energy & Endurance.

Mental Health, Wellness and Acuity.

Skin, Hair & Nail Health.

Sexual & Hormonal Health.

Directions: 2-6 soft gels daily with a meal.

Five Layer Oxidation Protection System guarantees the freshest and most nutritious fish oil.

1. Proprietary Fresh Catch® Processing Technology ensures that oil is free from the damaging effects of heat, light and oxygen.

2. Black Opaque Bottles suppress light-induced oxidation.

3. Nitrogen Flushed Bottles suppress oxygen-induced oxidation.

4. Fresh Lok Anti-Oxidant Protection suppresses peroxide induced oxidation.

5. Recommended Refrigeration for Liquids suppresses heat- induced oxidation.

Caramel Coated Black-Opaque Softgels suppress light and oxygen-induced oxidation.

Pharmaceutical Grade Ultra-Purified / Molecularly Distilled Five-Layer Oxidation Protected Provides Optimum Levels of EPA and DHA Council for Responsible Nutrition Compliant 5-Star International Fish Oil Standard (IFOS) Rating Laboratory Tested, Certified & Validated free of detectable contaminants. 


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