Natural Balance Happy Camper

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Natural Balance Happy Camper 120 Capsules

 Helps reduce tension and anxiety so you can relax. Enhances your overall well being. Help put a smile back on your face. Brighten your day with the happy camper dietary supplement. Kava Kava Relaxing herb from the South Pacific that produces a pleasant, cheerful, sociable feeling. Passion Flower Relaxing herb from Central America.

 Gotu Kola Known in India as a brain and nerve tonic. Calms the brain, enhances mental clarity, and helps the body adapt to stress. Schizandra Chinese herb that brightens the mind. Effective adaptogen and rejuvenator. Eleuthero Builds resistance to stress and fatigue. Wood Betony European herb that feeds and strengthens the nervous system.

Directions: Take two capsules daily.

Helps Reduce Tension and Anxiety So You Can Relax Enhances Your Overall Well-being, Where Can I Buy Happy Camper


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Natural Balance Happy Camper 

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