Nature's Balance SynoFlex

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Nature's Balance SynoFlex 500 180 Capsules

 We suggest that osteoarthritis sufferers take two capsules, three times a day to provide 1500 mgs of each ingredient. After three to four weeks at this level, we suggest either reducing or totally removing the painkiller from your regimen to guage the initial level of relief that the combination has provided.

There has been much attention paid in the mainstream press to the arthritis-relieving effects of glucosamine sulfate during the past three years or so. This attention is warranted, as the evidence for glucosamines ability to help relieve the painful symptoms of joint inflammation and degradation is well documented. In Europe, another supplement is often recommended to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. It's green, grown in freshwater pools and has been the mainstay of Nature's Balance product line since our formation in 1992. There are no prizes for guessing that the supplement that we are referring to here is chlorella.

Numerous reports indicate that chlorella may be effective in reducing the symptoms of both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, presumably due to its glycosaminoglycan glucosamine precursor content. That is just one of the reasons why we decided to create a marriage between chlorella and glucosamine sulfate in a new product SynoFlex 500. One of the well documented and clearly proven properties of chlorella is its ability to soothe and heal gastro-intestinal ulcers. Many arthritis sufferers who have been taking anti-inflammatory medications, including aspirin, for any length of time will have an increased susceptibility to, or occurrence of, gastric ulcers as a result of this.

SynoFlex 500 helps osteoarthritis sufferers to make the transition to a glucosamine sulfate protocol by counteracting the stomach-irritating effects of NSAIDs during the three-to-four week transition period before glucosamine sulfate's pain and inflammation relieving effects can be expected to manifest themselves at a level equal to the NSAID. Each capsule of SynoFlex 500 contains 250 mgs of pure glucosamine sulfate and 250 mgs of pure chlorella pyrenoidosa. While it is possible to switch to pure glucosamine sulfate at this point, we suggest that ongoing supplementation with the combination product will provide synergistic benefits that cannot be provided by pure glucosamine alone. Where Can I Buy Nature's Balance SynoFlex 500


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Nature's Balance SynoFlex 500

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