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Nature's Sunshine Calcium/Magnesium SynerPro 150 Tablets

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Nature's Sunshine Calcium/Magnesium, SynerPro 150 Tablets
Nature's Sunshine Calcium/Magnesium, SynerPro 150 Tablets, Ingredients

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Nature's Sunshine Calcium/Magnesium, SynerPro is the perfect partnership for a healthy body. These two essential minerals work together to support various bodily functions and promote overall wellness. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to get enough of these nutrients solely from our diets. That's where SynerPro Calcium/Magnesium comes in.

This premium formula is designed to fill any gaps in your dietary intake of calcium and magnesium. In addition to these crucial minerals, SynerPro Calcium/Magnesium also provides you with a generous dose of phosphorus and vitamin D. This unique blend of nutrients allows your body to maximize the benefits of calcium in supporting healthy bones and structural function.

Your skeleton acts as a bank for calcium, storing it until it's needed. The same goes for phosphorus and magnesium. Vitamin D works alongside other hormones to maintain the balance of these minerals in your body. By nourishing your skeletal system with SynerPro Calcium/Magnesium, you support improved overall health and ensure the vitality of your structural system.

But that's not all. SynerPro Calcium/Magnesium goes beyond the basics. It also contains the SynerPro blend of green and cruciferous vegetables, which provides additional nutritional benefits. This means you're getting a comprehensive blend of essential nutrients that specifically target the needs of your bones and muscles.

Each serving of Nature's Sunshine Calcium/Magnesium, SynerPro contains 2.5 mcg of vitamin D3, 400 mg of calcium, 250 mg of phosphorus, 200 mg of magnesium, 7.5 mg of zinc, 1 mg of copper, and a proprietary blend of botanicals. This blend includes boron, broccoli flower, cabbage leaf, carrot root, red beet root, rosemary leaf, tomato fruit, turmeric root, grapefruit bioflavonoid, hesperidin, and orange bioflavonoid.

To experience the benefits of SynerPro Calcium/Magnesium, simply take two tablets with a meal twice daily. With Nature's Sunshine Calcium/Magnesium, SynerPro, you can rest assured knowing that you're providing your body with the essential minerals it needs to thrive.

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