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Nature's Sunshine Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate 100 Capsules

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Nature's Sunshine Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate 100 Capsules
Nature's Sunshine Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate 100 Capsules, Ingredients

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Experience the power of nature with Nature's Sunshine Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate. This incredible product has been carefully formulated to support the health of your urinary system.

For centuries, cranberry has been used to promote urinary health. Now, modern science has discovered that cranberry contains compounds that help maintain the integrity of the urinary tract. It's no wonder why cranberry has been a trusted ally for urinary support throughout history.

But that's not all. Buchu, known as a woman's best friend, has also been used historically for urinary support. Together, cranberry and buchu create a powerful combination to defend your urinary tract and keep it in top shape.

Our Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate is made with certified non-GMO and vegan ingredients. We believe in providing you with the highest quality products that won't compromise your health or values. Our buchu leaf extract is sourced from South Africa and is also certified Kosher and Halal. Plus, it's gluten-free and allergen-free, making it suitable for a variety of dietary needs.

To enjoy the benefits of Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate, simply take 1-2 capsules with a meal three times daily. Incorporate it into your daily routine to maintain a healthy urinary tract and support your overall well-being.

The history behind Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate is fascinating. Cranberries were named by the Pilgrims, who were reminded of the head of a Sandhill crane by its small, pink blossoms. Native to North America, cranberries are now cultivated across several countries, spanning thousands of acres. Native Americans recognized the bladder and kidney support properties of cranberries, while early settlers used them for various health issues.

Buchu, on the other hand, was adopted by Dutch settlers in South Africa from the natives who had been using it for centuries. It was later introduced to the pharmaceutical industry in the UK and has become known for its digestive and urinary health benefits. Buchu oil is even used in flavorings and perfumes.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement.

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