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Nature's Sunshine Flash Ease Time Release 60 Tablets

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Nature's Sunshine Flash Ease Time Release 60 Tablets #81
Nature's Sunshine Flash Ease Time Release 60 Tablets #81

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Nature's Sunshine Flash Ease Time Release is an essential supplement for women experiencing the challenges of menopause. With its powerful combination of black cohosh and dong quai, this product is designed to support the mature woman's body as it undergoes normal glandular imbalances and physical changes.

Black cohosh, a well-known herb native to the West, has been used by women for decades to help manage the symptoms of menopause. Flash Ease is a highly concentrated, time release version of this trusted herb, ensuring a steady and continuous release of its active compounds over a period of 10 hours. Each tablet contains a standardized 2.5 percent concentration of triterpene glycosides, the key active constituent of black cohosh.

In addition to black cohosh, Flash Ease also contains dong quai, a renowned Chinese herb known for its ability to support the glandular system. Together, these potent botanicals work synergistically to provide hormone balancing effects and promote overall well-being during menopause.

Flash Ease is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. For the first week, it is recommended to take half a tablet in the morning and half a tablet in the evening. After the first week, one time release tablet should be taken in the morning and another at bedtime. This slow release formula ensures optimal day and night protection, delivering a steady supply of 2 mg of triterpene glycosides.

Nature's Sunshine Flash Ease is made with quality natural source materials and meets the standards of German clinical studies. Each bottle is sealed for your protection, and the product is manufactured with strict adherence to industry standards. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare provider if you are pregnant or lactating before taking this supplement.

Experience relief from menopausal symptoms with Nature's Sunshine Flash Ease Time Release. Balance hormone levels, support the glandular system, and enjoy the benefits of timed-release nutrition all day long. Don't let menopause hold you back - choose Flash Ease for natural support during this transitional phase of life.

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