Nature's Sunshine Garlic

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Nature's Sunshine Garlic 100 Capsules #209-0

Olympic athletes in ancient Greece chewed a clove at the start of a competition, believing it increased their stamina. Garlic’s strong odor is due mostly to a sulfide called allicin.

Description Garlic Immune is a member of the family that includes onions, leeks and shallots.

An old Welsh saying goes, Eat leeks in March and wild garlic in May, and all the year after physicians may play.


 Enhances circulation, Supports the immune system, Aids in digestion, Helps support the liver

This prized herb exhibits antioxidant, immune-supporting and circulatory supporting actions.

Each capsule contains 550 mg garlic bulb.


Take 1 capsule with a meal twice daily.

Description Herbal Dietary Supplement Recommended Usage

Ingredients Supplement Facts Serving Size 1 Capsule Amount Per Capsule Garlic Bulb Allium sativum 550 mg

Daily Value not established Other Ingredients Kosher gelatin and water.

This bottle was sealed for your protection. Do not use if inner seal is missing or damaged. Nature's Sunshine uses natural source materials in its products that are subject to color variation.

Other Information:


Immune System Support


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Nature's Sunshine Garlic

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