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Newton Labs Bug Bites

  • Newton Labs Homeopathics Bug Bites 1oz or 2oz Liquid or Pellets
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Newton Labs Homeopathics Bug Bites 1oz or 1.7oz Liquid or Pellets

 are not bites but stings. The stinger is either at the mouth or at the end of the abdomen of the bug. Insect stings can be divided in two categories: stings with hooks and stings without hooks. A mosquito does not leave a stinger in the wound (without hook). Bees leave their stingers in the wound with the venombladders attached, and continue to inject the venom (with hook). The stinger should be removed as soon as possible. Using a flat blade, place the blade level on the skin behind the venom bladder, the sharp edge of the blade turned toward the stinger. Move the blade over the skin surface, under the venom bladder, therebyremoving the bladder and the stinger. If no flat blade is available, a long fingernail can be used. Attempts to remove a stinger with tweezers or fingers, squeezes the venom bladder and empties the venom into the wound, causing more pain.

Pain, itching, and swelling from bites and stings from bees, wasps, spiders, ants, bugs, mosquitoes, horseflies, and fleas are eased by the use of Bug Bites.


Take 3 to 6 drops on the tongue and repeat if necessary every 15 minutes until symptoms abate. A topical application of Echinacea Tincture is also helpful. Itch Stopper spray is also recommended to control itching.

Formulated for symptoms associated with bites and stings such as pain, burning, itching and swelling. 

Sensitive persons begin with 1 drop or pellet and gradually increase to full dose. 

Active Ingredients:

 Echinacea 3x, Hamamelis virginiana 3x, Solidago virgaurea 3x, Apis mellifica 15x, Aranea diadema 15x, Arnica montana 15x, Arsenicum album 15x, Azadirachta indica 15x, Bryonia 15x, Caladium seguinum 15x, Calendula officinalis 15x, Formica rufa 15x, Grindelia 15x, Hypericum perforatum 15x, Lachesis mutus 15x, Latrodectus mactans 15x, Ledum palustre 15x, Mezereum 15x, Nux vomica 15x, Pulex irritans 15x, Rhus toxicodendron 15x, Tarentula cubensis 15x, Tarentula hispana 15x, Theridion 15x, Thuja occidentalis 15x, Vespa crabro 15x, Pyrogenium 30x. 

Liquid Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane alcohol 20%. 
Pellet Inactive Ingredients: Gluten-free, non-GMO, beet-derived sucrose (lactose free) pellets. 

According to the Materia Medica the following remedies in Bug Bites~Itch Stopper may be administered for the following conditions: 
Apis mellifica: Allergic reactions to bee or wasp stings; Swellings after bites and stings; Stinging pain. 
Aranea diadema: Punctured wounds; Allergies.
Arnica montana: Insect stings; Tingling and itching which moves from place to place.
Arsenicum album: Abcess; Itching, burning swellings of skin.
Azadirachta indica: Itching of various parts of the body without the appearance of any eruption. 
Bryonia: Eyelids swollen and puffed; Back of throat feels swollen.
Caladium seguinum: Insect bites burn and itch intensely; Mosquito bites; Burning sensation with itching.
Calendula: Wounds; Promotes rapid skin healing.
Echinacea: Poisoned wounds; irritations from insect bites and poisonous plants.
Formica rufa: Nettle-rash; Red, itching, burning skin.
Grindelia: Bites of insects, flea-bites; Itching and burning; Rash like roseola with severe burning and itching.
Hamamelis virginiana: Prickling stinging pain in skin.
Hypericum perforatum: Bites; Stings; Bites of insects and animals.
Lachesis mutus: Boils; Small wounds bleed much.
Latrodectus mactans: Itching and redness of part bitten, at first without pain, but violent pain soon commences.
Ledum palustre: Puncture wounds, twitches, from nails, stings, etc.; Lice; Stings of insects; Skin eruptions.
Mezereum: Intense itching; Gnawing itching as from vermin (parasitic insects, such as lice and bedbugs); Pediculosis (being infested with lice).
Nux vomica: Prickling and burning itching; Eruptions with burning itching.
Pulex irritans: Prickly itching; Skin emits foul odor.
Pyrogenium: Septic (presence of infection) cuts, bites, wounds.
Rhus toxicodendron: Red, swollen, itching intense.
Solidago virgaurea: Obstinate itching. 
Tarentula cubensis: Red spots and pimples; Feels puffed all over; Burning stinging pains.
Tarentula hispana: Spider bites; Itching as of insects creeping and crawling.
Theridion: Itching sensations.
Thuja occidentalis: Itching shootings in skin, esp. in evening and night.
Vespa crabro: Bee stings; Burning of the part, then swelling, red with burning pain.

Newton Labs Homeopathics Bug Bites

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