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Association of Natural Health EDSA Biofeedback Testing

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For a Free Consultation to Answer any Questions you may have and instructions on sending your Hair & Saliva Sample. - E-Mail To - Or Call 1-866-461-9454
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The Association of Natural Health EDSA Biofeedback Testing is a revolutionary approach to identifying and addressing the root causes of various health issues. This safe and affordable test utilizes Electro-Dermal Stress Analysis (EDSA) to provide immediate results.

EDSA is the culmination of 50 years of development in Biological Energetic/Biofeedback testing. By measuring electrical transfer at specific acupuncture/meridian points on the hand, this computerized testing can assess the body's balances and imbalances with great precision. With the information gathered during the test, a personalized nutritional remedy can be determined to support any specific imbalances found in the individual.

Getting started with the Association of Natural Health EDSA Testing is simple. All you need to do is mail a sample of your hair and saliva, and you will receive immediate results. To further assist you in understanding the process and addressing any questions or concerns you may have, we offer a free consultation. You can reach out to us via email at [] or by calling 1-866-461-9454.

It is important to note that the statements and products associated with the Association of Natural Health EDSA Biofeedback Testing have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This test and the accompanying remedies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. 

Discover a new approach to health and well-being with the Association of Natural Health EDSA Biofeedback Testing. Take control of your health journey by uncovering the underlying factors contributing to your issues and finding personalized remedies to support your body's unique needs. Start your journey towards improved health today.

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