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Equalizer Plus Arthritis Relief Cream w/Peppermint

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Equalizer Plus Arthritis Relief Cream w/Peppermint 3oz Tube & 4oz Jars

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The Four-In-One Formula: Nature's AnswerTo Arthritis Pain Unlike aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory that simply mask the pain of arthritis, the natural ingredients in Equalizer Plus provide safe, immediate relief of pain with No Side Effects. This remarkable formulation goes to work where the problem starts and offers long-term benefits. Inside the joints, Glucosamine Sulfate actually nourishes the parts of the joint to aid the healing process, increases mobility, and regenerates damaged cartilage as it helps relieve pain, while the other ingredients - Pregnenolone, MSM, Ginger Extract, and Emu Oil, ease the pain and inflammation.

Regenerates Damaged Cartilage As It Helps Relieve Pain

GINGER is a natural herb that possesses many therapeutic properties. The most relevant to arthritis sufferers, particularly those with rheumatoid arthritis, is its ability to inhibit inflammation and bring immediate relief from pain.

EMU OIL, used by the Aboriginal people of Australia for the treatment of muscle and joint pain, contains a variety of fatty acids. Modern research into the properties of emu oil has found that the oil is the greatest skin emollient in the world, with deep skin penetration properties better than any other natural oil.


Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance normally formed from glucose and found in high concentrations in joint structures. As people age, they lose some of the glucosamine and other substances in cartilage. This can lead to the thinning of cartilage and the onset and progression of arthritis. Glucosamine both relieving pain and stimulating healing. It provides the raw materials used by the body to make cartilage and connective tissue that, in turn, help to provide cushioning and lubrication for each of the body's joint. Glucosamine Sulfate has been the subject of more than 300 scientific investigations and supported by over 20 double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. These studies have come to the conclusion that Glucosamine Sulfate works at both relieving pain and stimulating healing. In one study, it was found that Glucosamine Sulfate reduced pain more effectively than ibuprofen.


Purified Water, Stearal Konium Chloride, Glycerine, Soybean Oil, Glucosamine Sulfate, Tocopherol Vitamin E, Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane MSM, Peppermint, Pregnenolone, Ginger Extract, Emu Oil, Zinc, Rosemary Extract.


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