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Newton Labs Homeopathics Rheumatic Joint Care Liquid/Pellets

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Newton Labs Homeopathics Rheumatic Joint Care 1 Oz Liquid
Newton Labs Homeopathics Rheumatic Joint Care 1 Oz Pellets
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Newton Labs Homeopathics Rheumatic Joint Care 1 Oz Liquid or Pellets

Formulated for symptoms associated with uric acid build-up such as joint pain, inflammation and discomfort. 


Ages 12 and up, take 6 drops or pellets by mouth (ages 0 to 11, give 3 drops or pellets) one to four times daily or as directed by a health professional. Under age 2, crush/dissolve pellets in purified water. Sensitive persons begin with 1 drop or pellet and gradually increase to full dose. 

Active Ingredients: 

Equal parts of Lappa major 6x, Phytolacca decandra 6x, Symphytum officinale 6x, Aconitum napellus 10x, Apis mellifica 10x, Arnica montana 10x, Benzoicum acidum 10x, Bryonia 10x, Calcarea carbonica 10x, Chamomilla 10x, Cinchona officinalis 10x, Colchicum autumnale 10x, Eupatorium perfoliatum 10x, Gaultheria procumbens 10x, Guaiacum 10x, Iodium 10x, Kali bichromicum 10x, Kalmia latifolia 10x, Ledum palustre 10x, Pulsatilla 10x, Rhus toxicodendron 10x, Ruta graveolens 10x, Sabina 10x, Strychninum 10x, Arsenicum album 15x, Belladonna 15x, Uricum acidum 15x.

Liquid Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane alcohol 20%. 
Pellet Inactive Ingredients: Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic beet-derived sucrose (lactose free) pellets. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Reviews (2)

  • 5

    Pain no more

    I've used this product for painful joints in my fingers. Within 5 minutes the pain is gone. I only use it when I feel pain and it works. I eat a non-inflammatory diet and organic food. Very low sugar intake, so all of this helps. But the Rheumatic Joint Care really targets the problem. I seem to go longer before I need it.

  • 5

    It Works!

    I've been using this product for a couple of years now and it has been amazingly effective. It helped me with autoimmune symptoms resulting in swelling and painful joints. I could hardly walk without a cane and now I'm working out. Love it. All of the products I've tried from Newton Labs have been just as effective.