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A C Grace Unique Vitamin E 180 Softgels

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A C Grace Unique E, 180 Softgels #HP180 New Label
A C Grace Unique Vitamin E 180 Softgels, Diagram
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A C Grace Unique E, 180 Softgels #HP180

This New Label Has A Very Little Soy in it.

All-Natural Tocopherol-Free Compact Soft gels

A C Grace Unique E is a natural vitamin E supplement that contains the entire vitamin E complex as found in nature. It is made with all-natural tocopherol-free compact soft gels that are void of fillers, allergens, or additives, and are gluten and soy-free. This supplement helps support healthy cholesterol levels, arterial health, cardiovascular system, blood pressure levels, and normal triglyceride and blood glucose levels. It also supports healthy cell and tissue growth. Features: - Contains the entire vitamin E complex as found in nature 

 One soft gel daily or as directed by physician.

UNIQUE E Vitamin E has been recognized as the STANDARD IN THE VITAMIN E MARKET for over 46 years! Health care Professionals in all fields of practice, both human and animal, rely and depend on UNIQUE E for their patients. UNIQUE E has been discussed in books and magazine articles as the vitamin E product that actually works! It truly is a UNIQUE product and the Natural Choice.

 Benefits and Suggested Uses

All-Natural Tocopherol-Free Compact Soft gels
Alpha-tocopherol has been shown to inhibit the assimilation of tocotrienols in the body

Research shows maximum benefits are achieved when tocotrienols are taken separately from tocopherols  

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Reviews (2)

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    Best vitamin E you can take!

    I've been taking A.C.Grace vitamin E for probably 10 yrs!

  • 5

    Unique E

    I never received the vitamin I ordered. The postal people said it had a twisted scan label. Anyway they can't find it