Perrin's Blend Ointment

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Perrin's Blend Ointment 1oz

We have testimonies of successful removals of actinic keratosis, moles, warts, boils, topical STAPH infection, visually diagnosed squamous cell carcinoma and possible basal cell carcinoma.


Perrin's Blend is a natural blend of powerful antioxidants. Every ingredient in Perrin's Blend can be purchased at a health food store and taken internally. Made with Raw Honey purchased directly from a honey farm, Grape Seed Extract, Ascorbic Acid vitamin C, Natural Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid and NAC N Acetyl Cysteine.

Development Perrin's Blend was developed by Judy Perrin without the intention of ever marketing or selling it. It was originally formulated after prayer in response to a lesion diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma that developed on her husband's ear. She shared the product with friends and it was only after numerous success stories that the decision was made to start distributing it on a wider scale. It is now carried in over 60 stores in 12 states. In addition to many customer successes, several store owners have used Perrin's Blend themselves and had success removing moles and other skin lesions from their own bodies.

Instructions for Use It is important to follow the directions closely and be diligent in the application.


It is important to follow the directions closely and be diligent in the application.

Directions: Apply Perrin’s Blend on the designated area and cover with a bandage. Do not wash off. When bathing keep the affected area covered. After bathing reapply Perrin’s Blend and cover with a new bandage. Perrin’s Blend can be applied daily or as often as desired. We recommend applying at least twice daily. Separation will probably occur so it may be necessary to stir daily or before each application. It is also helpful to take grape seed extract supplements. 

About Bandaging and Washing Off:  We have seen the best results when the place being treated is in constant contact with Perrin's Blend™, 24 hours a day.  That usually means covering the area with a bandage to prevent the ointment from being rubbed off. 

We have also seen better results when the place remains covered when bathing to prevent a deep cleaning of the area, resulting in all the ointment being washed off on a microscopic level.  We recommend changing the bandage after bathing and applying a new application of Perrin's Blend, and to avoid having a wet bandage on your skin. Blister Band-aids are a good option as they are waterproof and do not need to be changed as often.  Keep in mind that this is the optimal approach.

The area will need to be washed off periodically to prevent a build up of adhesive and for general sanitation purposes. If a growth is on a person's face then it may not be necessary to cover the area since the Perrin's Blend would probably not be rubbed off as easily as it would be on other areas of the body.

    Sometimes Perrin’s Blend™ is used at night, and the Crème Complete during the day.

    Avoid contact with clothes. Perrin’s Blend will stain. Perrin’s Blend is a thick, honey-based burgundy colored ointment.
    Although Perrin’s Blend has an extended shelf-life we recommend using it within one year.
    If thickening occurs thin with pure honey.
    Avoid contact with eyes.

How long will it last.

The number of applications in one container depends on the size of the lesion to which you are applying Perrin’s Blend. There is enough in a 1 oz container for about 75 - 100 applications if the lesion is around the size of a pencil eraser. As you can read in the testimonials or watch in the videos, results vary. One customer removed a mole within three days. If you have a lot of lesions we recommend treating only a couple at a time.

How long does it take to see results?

Results vary, as does the condition being treated, and the diligence and consistency of the application.
-Skin lesions.  It can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months to see results, and some customers have to use the product for even longer.  On average customers usually see results in 3-6 weeks.
-Actinic keratosis.  Most of our customer feedback indicates about 3-6 weeks of usage.

Most of the time skin lesions and sun-damage do respond to our products, but there are of course times when a person’s condition does not respond.   


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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